Back At It

My sister and Goobie and I went walking last night. We walked the full length of the trail, down and back. 3.2 miles. Apparently I bunred 305 calories, so yay for that. I wanted to run a little bit, but my sis was in flip flops.

I haven’t ralked in several weeks because I had grossness on my back and my skin was literally being ripped off, so that was no good. But it’s better now – yay! But I actually wanted to ralk when I couldn’t; that is a major change in attitude for me. So, progress!


Ralk Star

Goobie and I went ralking tonight.  My shins have been hurting lately, so I’m wondering if it’s shin splints.  I got a little ambitious and chose not to stretch.  Big mistake.  I had to stop 3 times to stretch, and my legs tightened up pretty badly in the middle.  We hobbled for quite awhile.  We had about half a mile left, and out of the blue, I felt endorphins kick in and I felt fantastic.  Time to run!  So we ran for almost a full minute and walked a little bit.  My fancypants new iPod shuffle then played The Distance by Cake, which has been my big kickass motivation song thus far.  So Goobie and I went the distance – we ran all the way back to the head of the trail, and it took almost 2 full minutes.  Considering we started out running no more than 20 seconds at a time, that is a huge victory.  So I went from feeling pain and frustration to a physical and emotional surge of Ralk Star.  Awesome.

Approx distance: 2.6 miles

Approx time: 55 min

Current belt hole: 2nd

The Beginning

I am ready to change.  I have been changing a lot lately, but now I’m ready to change my body.  I’ve started ralking (walking, with a little bit of running), and I’m starting to eat healthier.  The purpose of this blog is not to inform the world of what a wonderful person I am; rather, it is a method to keep myself accountable.  If I’m writing about what I have done, then I am better able to celebrate my successes without annoying the snot out of my friends and family.  So if you are reading this, know that this blog is not for you.  Wah wah.